Running from Demons

It was a Saturday night. My husband and I sat down to watch the 10 o’clock news for some reason. I don’t know. And it was, like, breaking news, and they showed my brother Joey’s picture, and I almost fainted. I screamed, and my husband and kids came running. He had been on a binge […]

A Home Again

It’s not uncommon to read about a house being seized because its resident is cooking methamphetamine. Delaware County led Indiana with the most meth labs seized in 2015, according to the Indiana State Police. But while what happens to a house after the meth lab inside is seized and removed doesn’t normally make the spotlight, […]

Happiness is a Choice

Looking back on my life and where I came from, no matter how bad it seemed, it has shaped me into the woman I am today. I did not come from a privileged family. We grew up in filth and poverty. I had a mom who loved me very much. She was a single mom […]

Extinguishing the Fire

This disease of addiction wants you to remain in a state of obsession and compulsively act by using an external source, such as drugs, to fix an internal problem. The drugs are just a side-effect of the disease, and it can manifest itself in all areas of our lives. Today, after working steps, I realize […]

Artificial Happiness

I believe in artificial happiness. That is the only thing I have known. You don’t understand or know how it is to have nothing. There isn’t a lot of real happiness because of my childhood. I was with my mom ‘til I was 7, and then I was in a custody battle. My dad all […]