Facing Addiction in East Central Indiana, a part of The Facing Project, is a print publication and online media creation that focuses on and tells the stories of those affected by addiction. While founders of the Facing Project are directly involved, Dr. Adam Kuban and his group of Louis E. Ingelhart Scholars at Ball State University are some of the primary writers, designers, photographers and videographers working on the project.

The Ingelhart Scholars are a select group of students, typically freshman or sophomores, who have been selected for enrollment in this specialized curriculum that focuses on leadership and media skill development. Through teamwork and dedication, the Scholars, along with other contributors to the Project, hope to touch the hearts of those around the country to inspire action in the ongoing fight against addiction.

Here’s how it works:

Writers in our community are matched with someone facing the issue we’ve selected–aka the storyteller. This could be someone facing the issue, a relative of someone facing the issue, a teacher, a therapist, a counselor, or anyone with a personal story to share involving the topic. The writer will meet with the storyteller and then write a story as if they are them, writing in the first person. We’ll work with our community partners to collect these stories and facilitate the relationship between writers and storytellers. The stories will be compiled in a book to be released at a community monologue event (details to come).